So...where I've been.

I'm posting this blog because at one point and time (and I'm sure there are still some here) it used to be that there used to be some incredibly funny people here.  Now I'm all but positive that the admins and mods of this site will snatch my title right out from under me if not ban my avatar and name outright I can't help but feel that a number of people here (that haven't been or aren't currently being boo'ed off of ebaums blogs) that may even turn a profit.  Those of you that are mature and truely funny will pay from $60 to $100 for funny intelegent articles.  I can only hope that the people coming back find this and find a way to make money.  Still if that happens and Dave and John still decide to ban me I'll be happy as far too much tallent goes to waste here in the blog section.  As to how to make money, I'll give the smart ones a heads up.  Everything starts in the forums and goes from there.  Message me if you want info.  No this is no shameless plug I'll go on from here, that last bit was something that just came to mind.  After a year of living with her my girlfriend up and dumped me over the fact that i had moved twenty mother fucking miles away.  I'll omit the rest as some of the hopefully returning members have seen her blogs etc... and i don't want embarrasment for anyone.  No this isn't a shameless plug, i started with my ex in mind and ended up turning an entirely different direction... color me fucked.  later.



Uploaded 06/23/2009
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