So who are the psychopaths and sociopaths?

In an earlier blog I suggested that the world is run by psychopaths and sociopaths. It is easy to go back in time to identify previous people that could be classified as either psychopathic or sociopathic. Mao Tse Tung is a great example of a sociopath who after forcing the nationalist out of China and into Taiwan unleashed political campaigns that would make Hitler look like a misunderstood boy playing in the sand box. Estimated deaths due to his campaigns are around seventy million.

Many psychopathic leaders were and are, tin pot dictators who killed anyone that opposes their rape of their given country. For example the regimes of Papa Doc and Baby Doc in Haiti. Unfortunately, American leaders and or security officials have contributed significantly to such regimes. An American jet even flew Papa Doc to France where he was exiled.

Psychopaths tend to desire monetary gains where as sociopaths prefer social control and manipulations. Very few psychopaths and sociopaths are wild eyed murderers and thieves. In fact the more intelligent and manipulative ones are very charismatic and convincing.

I have stated that the American government is ruled by such people. This statement is extremely difficult to defend but I will provide a couple of examples with more examples to come.I do not write these thing lightly. Before the birth of the Internet I knew these type of people manipulated and controlled our lives. With the Internet I have been able to put the pieces together without neglecting my need to earn money.

Let me state that I consider marching into other countries who haven't attacked my own country is either psychopathic or sociopathic. I did see a need to remove Saddam Hussein and his henchmen but that's where it should have stopped.

John P. Holdren is Obama's Advisor for science and technology. He wrote a book, called Ecoscience, with  Paul R. Ehrlich that recommends population controls using sterilization methods such as putting chemicals in the drinking water as well as forced sterilization. There are even more disturbing ideas within this book but I'll let anyone who cares check it out for themselves.

Anita Dunn was President Obama's Communication Director. In a speech she gave at St.Andrews Episcopal School (Potomac MD). She said that Mao was one of her favorite philosophers. She tried to explain it was in contrast to Mother Teresa but as a Communication Director no such misunderstandings should have taken place.

David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Obama. This guy I admit is hard to pin down, but he did go to Chicago University where the Chicago boys led by the Milton Friedman school of economics was cultivated. These, without any doubt sociopaths working with capitalistic psychopaths, believed in going into a foreign country and wiping it clean of any social or economic order and rebuilding it with capitalistic ideas with blatant disregard to the population. David Axelrod also helped create Healthy Economy Now and Americans for Stable Quality Health Care. At least 150 million dollars was given to these organization from PhRMA. Of course the ad money went to Axelrod's Media and Message company. This guy would be a good example of a psychopath. I'll admit it's a stretch with this guy but he does have his hands in both pies at the same time. 

If you care anything about this stuff, I know most wont, but look into what sociopaths and psychopaths comprise of and compare them to people in power, you might be surprised!

Apologies for any spelling and grammatical errors for those who feel it is important.

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