..... So who thinks home town cops are ignorant.

So guys just for a little backstory before i get into what happened I am going to elaborate on the events of the night. It just so happens that I recently had a birthday and it turned out to be my golden birthday( thats when your age and the day you are born are the same). So needless to say I went out for a night on the town and had a pretty good time. Now those of you that are from small urban, but not so much, areas that when you walk through downtown  it makes you feel as if you should start buying antiques might have a bit more insight on what I am about to say. Now I am not from the town I am currently living in but I have been here for five years and I know just about everybody that frequents the downtown area( I bartend at a popular bar). This is the type of town that every cop is related somehow to the sheriff, and the sheriff goes to church with everyones grandparents and if you have all your teeth you will be the prom queen and so on and so forth. I think you get the point. Well back to my story it was my birthday and my old roommate brought me down to bourbon street new orleands and I splipped from drunk and crashed into oblivion. Now amist the drinking and the strip clubs and general drunken idiocy in the course of the night I ended up back in home and in downtown. Now I live about five miles from where I was and somehow in my drunken stupor I made it to my car, and contrary to my normal self made the right desicion and just locked the car, rolled down the windows abit, put my keys on the passenger seat, laid back and went to sleep. Now granted I was hammered I was doing the right thing by not driving home. Well about three hours later I am aroused from my peaceful dreams of stippers and all that nonsensible fun by a siren and a tap on my window. I awoke to an officer who said in his finest hick drawl, "hey boy what the hell you think you doin'?" so I proceeded to explain my situtation to the cop and I thought he was being nice because he told me to go on and drive home and he would follow me. Now I told him that I was to drunk to drive but he insisted. So about three minutes down the road I make my first swurve and the son of a bitch wrote me a damn DWI. Just about how shitty it that? So I am now about to be involved in a class action lawsuit and I just wanted to share. Thanks guys, and please tell me what you think.


Uploaded 08/26/2008
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