So yeah...

Recently, and I am not the only one, my uploads have been systamatically deleted.

The reason

"duplicate media"

Now I know that we are pulling all our eggs from seprate baskets, but they are coming from the same goddamn chicken.

I wanna know is this happening to anyone else?

Why is it suddenly happening now?

Have you ever uploaded something and then it was featured by someone else, and by someone who shall remain nameless?

I was told by one member to do a search before I uploaded something because it was a repost.  Well then isnt this entire website a large repost?  A repost of life?

Oh wow that was deep, my therapist would be so thrilled that I opened up like that...

Too bad it wasnt her legs I opened.

Back on topic...

I just think that certain objectives have been over looked until now, and I think it is major b.s. that suddenly a filtration system has been put into place to protect something that we do not know what needs to be protected.

I do however have my theories on why this sudden big brother system has been put into effect, if you want to hear it PM me.

That is all I got until this blog is deleted for "duplicate writing" reasons.

~AW Smith

Uploaded 12/30/2008
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