I don't know if you guys know. I'm sure you do. But I'll say it anyways.


You dumb mother fuckers don't understand your poilitcal views don't mean shit? Dumb ass your votes don't even count for anything. You're broke pieces of fuck up. Not to be mean, but I'd rather listen to Sarah Palin than read your bull shit.


If we're calling Obama Care socialism then it's time to get rid of Social Secuirty, FEMA checks, Food Stamps, Medicare, Government College grants, and any other aid the government gives away. Because since it's given by the government that is socialism.


So you broke mother fuckers are going to hungry with no food stamps, you mentally disabled bastards are getting no check from disability benifits.


Also you shits will be homeless without your section 8 housing. 


For those of you who have jobs then this blog doesn't go to you. Why? Because you pay taxes and have a fucking say.

If you were to check out the video comment section once and a fucking while you'd know what I do. Or look at my groups and you'll fucking know.


So, I have a damn opinion. Your fucked up ass doesn't.


So fuck you and your political ideals, they're dumber than Sarah Palin.


Fuck Democrats and Republicans.


I'm not going to state my political opinions. You mentally ill shits can find it in a blog i've done. So, go to hell shit birds, your opinons don't mean a damn thing.


Go cry about how worthless you are. I'll make sure to give you cyanide to ease the pain.

- FuckyouIran

Uploaded 05/16/2011
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