Society's downward spiral

Every generation considers themselves more civilized and advanced than the last. What they fail to realize is that most everything that is happening has happened in the past. Do you really think that you are any different of an animal than people were 100 or 200 years ago? The only thing that has changed is technology.


It baffles me how people can run and around speaking as if they are a scholar on any subject they decide they will be an expert on that day. Ignorance is a very dangerous thing and ignorance laced with hardheadedness is a recipe for disaster.


I will come and look at the blogs every so often and it is amazing how many people have opinions about certain subjects. I am all for opinions and information/idea sharing but when people write their opinions as gospel it is downright scary. Especially when their opinions is biased and/or based purely out of misinformation.


With the digital age it is harder than ever to be sure that you are getting the correct information. Most people (myself included) just log onto a website and read the words put together by some nameless person and read it as fact. But how do you really know it's true or not? With the recent election mumbo jumbo and media attacks on each other it is more clear than ever that the information they are giving us is twisted and only half truths at best.


I see a trend of misinformation and the overall dumbing down of society. It's an interesting paralell because you have small children that can turn on a computer and do things with it that 100 years ago would have taken someone an entire week or month. And yet you have grown adults that can't function without relying on other people to support them. I'm not talking about handicapped people i'm talking about able bodied and minded people that have been so dumbed down that they are incapable and lack the drive to support themselves.


For example California passed a law this year that would make it a misdemeanor for parents that allow their kids to miss too many days of school and they would follow that up with fines and prison time. Am I the only one that notices a disturbing trend with these laws? Since when is ok for the government to step in and tell you when and where your child should be? Is it really ok for them to pass a law based strictly on their irritation of losing money and forcing parents into prison?  Our rights are being taken from us one law at a time and they may seem trivial right now but what aobut in 100 years? Our lawmakers will never stop making new laws, so think about that. The dumber we get the more rights we will give up and eventually we will once again be subjects. The worse part is that not only did we allow them to do this but we promoted it by voting them in to vote for us.  


If we could stop being so preocuppied with the gadgets and toys we all play with and open our eyes to what is actually happening around us than that would be a great start. People are more worried about their iphone or xbox than they are about their rights as a free citizen.


I personally have little faith in us overcoming this and that is why I am taking steps to insure my well being and satey. I listened the radio interviews with the fine people of Atlanta talking about how Obama was going to give them free money and that's why they voted for him again the other day and that interview pretty well sums up the direction we are headed.


I for one am not going to sell my vote for food stamps. I guess I have to much pride and would rather work. 


Anyways there are some important points there to think about and hopefully it strikes a chord within you. I know the blog is kinda rough but I'm trying to hurry up so I can go catch a beer with some friends. Happy new year 

Uploaded 12/30/2010
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