Soldiers Despise Ron Paul - The Interview With US Troops

Ohayou, guys! Fed up with the lies from Ron Paul propagandists, who say that military men support Ron Paul and that they contribute more than others to the Ron Paul 2011 campaign, I decided to prove them wrong. Here is the interview I conducted in USA Troops Central Military Base, USA.

It wasn't easy to enter the base. It was well guarded, unlike Area 51 in Independence Day where there was one soldier guarding the access when Will Smith arrived with an alien in the trunk. There's a lot of special forces trained to kill with their pinky finger if necessary here. They were hesitant to let me in at first, but then I told them I am a honorary member of Australian Air Force and shown them my jet pilot licence. They let me ask some questions to the soldiers I picked at random, to make sure the results are unbiased.

Neko: Is it true that the soldiers want Ron Paul to become president?

Sgt. James Eggnog: Hell no! I want to save the world from arab scum. So does anybody here I know. That's why I volunteered. We ALL volunteered for these missions to make the world better. To save it from those stinky cavemen and their pedophile prophet poluting our planet.

Neko: Have you ever considered voting Ron Paul?

Mjr. Bill Sausage: No way, gorgeous. He's supporting commies. If the troops leave, the communists take over. Russians, Chinamen, Pollacks - you pick one. I guess they'll race each other for that oil.

Neko: Is it true that soldiers contribute more than others to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign?

Gen. Martin Waffles: That's not a possibility. Ru Paul wants to legalise drugs. The only people who support his campaign are drug addicts and cartels. Have you ever been to Holland? They legalised drugs there. They have a red light district in every town - 3 or 4 sometimes. It's because teenagers smoke pot legally and try crack at an early age. Imagine young boys and girls having to prostitute themselves to get money for their addiction. That's Holland and their fancy red light districts. I bet Paul wants to support that shit too. So that your kids have it easier to find dicks to suck for crack, thanks to Dr. Paul and his revolutionary campaign - legalise drugs to get voted by stoners.

Neko: Thank you, sirs. It's been an honor to interview true patriots. Semper Fi! and America, fuck yeah!

The names of the people interviewed were changed to protect the innocent
Uploaded 01/07/2012
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