Having since February to think of a proper explanation for what exactly ebaumsworld means to me, I feel it is not suitable to wait any longer. So here it is folks. is a registered TLD routing address forwarded to a specific computer's IP address, which is separated from you by possibly millions of other smaller routing computers on the world wide web. On the other end of the connection between you and here, is a computer set up to 'listen' for connections, and upon the arrival of such, contains a hard drive full of data files designed with certain templates and database connections to gradually form the web page you're seeing now.


The contents of the page are not actually real and tangible, just binary representations of supposed data using an ASCII character map to transform millions of 0's and 1's into a readable string using the roman alphabet. These strings, both textual and binary (which is a separate character map allowing for easier processing by computers, hence why images are binary files and not text files) fall into such an order that they make up the grouping of images and text on this site. Furthermore, the browser program you are using to view this site processes that textual format into the boxed, organized, clearly readable and navigatable experience that you know of as


Now in careful thought of the entire process, it's breathtaking in its complexity- the sheer amount of workload required to simply view, that no human being could replicate. However, in reality, this process was designed through a highly developed series of multiple protocols and literal rules of conversation between computers- basically computer languages. That is where the unique complexity stops however, as even has the exact same process and similar viewable results as in terms of design and data.


Speaking of the social aspect then, is an idea- an idea of a person who is not even connected to it any longer. An idea perpetuated by other people for their own personal reasons, and thus remain the true upkeepers and creators of the returnable data behind


On this website, I have seen many inquiries from wandering individuals and old regulars alike, all to the similar tune of discord for the quality of this social digital home. Inquiries of rewards for involvements for further perpetuation of it; for problems with outcasts among the thick of us; for lack of better appreciation towards the true freedoms here; and the largest reason by far for inquiries or complaints in this social digital home lies in the great misconception of self worth, bridled with the lack of foresight towards personal potential.


It is from out of the midst of these misconceptions I have decided to speak my piece. Let the lives of each individual, who takes it upon themselves to start a connection to that humble server on the other end of the connection through the internet,  be blessed for the kindness in their slant, for the passion in their stagger, for the perpetuation of a viral realm. It is you, these people, who make a registered domain worthy of renewing- it is you, who ultimately created it from its beginning, and nurtured it to health. It is you, who although lacking the knowledge of how things worked, poured your energies over this humble idea.


It is an idea that has existed forever, and will continue to exist beyond the domain expiration, name changes and population fluxuations- is is the idea of freedom of thought and expression.


For those of you who didn't know- is the glit on the internet that has spoken to all of you, to the child in all of you. It is revealed to us all the longing for adventure, anonymity, and self importance that we all have sought in each avenue of our wretched lives.


See these words hours after they have been constructed with labored punches on a plastic machine meant to interpret pushes of my fingers into imagination- read them and take them to heart- but please my friends, friends of whom I have never met- brothers and sisters of whom I will never be related or inclined to participate in traditions with- do not forget the power behind which these words were created, the human spirit behind it. In all your cynicism, do not forget that it is you that perpetuates it- that it is you and you alone that have been given a chance to change it.


While you're busy incrementing a databased integer field, hoping it will be translated by another human as being deserving of some kind of a monetary reward and screaming "where's my prize?" at the top of your consciousness, I ask you to remember what the real reward is-


to be a part of the greatest freedom ever known. Revel in the present and have no regrets.


For those virtual personalities who have speculated my  origins or my purpose here, I can only say to you- my purpose is to utilize the oppurtunities in this present that you are missing, and to remind you of the oppurtunities in the past you've missed.


Anything else is irrelevant and worthless, just as these words and the letters used to construct them.


Uploaded 04/19/2009
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