Some help?

I have never been the one to really ever write anything unless told too in school. English was always my best class believe it or not, I would always make B+ grades. Now I have a pretty good imagination and a alright amount of vocabulary usage, I just lack in the grammar department that was always my downfall in getting better grades, plus I live in Texas, but I am not a hick, I just like to use the word yall because its better than saying "you all" in my opinion.    

I would like to start writing on here because, first off, I am out of high school and im bored,second, I need the points for the swag pack I wish to attain, once i get my 50,000 ebones, and 3rd good practice for college. Now Ill admit I cant come up with shit really on my own unless I have a topic to right about, because i always get writers block, epically on here because every ones so much older than me, I am 19 by the way, so do not mistake me for a kid please.

It would be cool if someone started the flash fictions again, or if someone helped me out with the writing thing, maybe explain some stuff in a blog? I am open to constructive criticism, but please do not be a douche about it if my grammar is bad, and if you would like give me some pointers like Tomlet, and Dangle did.  Please, go ahead. I look forward to being a great blogger someday or helping out with the blogs reconstruction to the glory days that old blog veterans speak of!!!

and yes i got a new avy, you like?
Uploaded 08/07/2011
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