Some Mexicans and a Knife

So I just left my exam on Psychological Testing. Damn am I relieved!! I estimate I spent about 15 HOURS total studying for that piece of shit. It was all worth it though because I freaking knew everything on that multiple choice test.

While everybody was complaining afterwards how difficult it was and blah blah blah I was secretely laughing histerically on the inside because I know that it will be ME who will FUCK UP DA CURVE !!!!

* evil laugh*

Anyways I go to the Professional School of Psychology here in Chicago and the school has a very good opinion about being safe even after the sun goes down and the weird folk come out around campus.

My friend made me change my mind today. Last nite at around 5 as she was getting on the bus to the metra some two gangster looking mexican thugs got on the bus and would not stop staring at her. There were only about 5 people on the bus so she was a little nervous. When the Union Station stop rolled around she got up in the last minute and all behold so did the Mexican thugs . She stood right outside the bus and looked at them and thats when one of them pulled out a knife and began to approach her. She says she literally spidey LEAPED back on the bus as it was about to pull away. The mexicans got pissed and started kicking the bus as it drove away. UMMM ok she probably just escaped hours of rape and torture.

She got of a few stops later and took a cab back to the Union Station.

Thank God I dont take the bus

Uploaded 02/12/2009
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