Some more God Talk

There has  been a lot of debate about God and Christianity in here lately. I went through this personal debate in my late teens. I was raised to believe in God and Jesus although it was not heavy handed. Unfortunately for me, religion never provided anything but guilt. Guilt for swearing, guilt for sexual curiosity, guilt for not being "perfect". Plus I had the doubts associated with the logical lapses in Christianity and the bible.

As I pulled away from God I would inevitably get into debates about these logical lapses. After endless round and rounds about many of the thing debated here in the other blogs, they would usually say something about their beliefs being based on faith. This would have be much more convincing had they said this up front, with out debating the logic first but whatever.

So for me I suppose that's what it must come down to. Some godly force that just makes you "believe". Unfortunately for me  I just don't. I would like to believe god was up there loving me. I would like to go to heaven, meet all my dead friends and relatives. I would like to meet God and find out the answers to the questions of the universe. I would like to see all the evil fucks of the world get theirs.And I would be happy to pledge my loyalty, obedience and service to such a great figure, But I just don't believe it.

Lets face it. If God is God he certainly knows if your faking or not. And if he didn't want someone to Know for sure that he was there he could certainly arrange it. So baring some Godly intervention I guess I'll be taking my chances, and hope that if there is a God that he appreciates honesty as much as blind faith.

I do respect those of you who make a serious effort to live a Christian life style. There is nothing about the ten commandments that offends me. Unfortunately there are to many"Christian lite" who use it as a social club, clique or a way to impress or influence people. Then they go out and screw anyone they want to further there own agendas.

So if anyone thinks they have some devine words for me or maybe they can get God to drop by, I'm all ears. Till then I'll just try to live a decent life. 

" Do what you want to, do what you will. Just don't mess up your neighbors thrill. And when you pay the bill, kindly leave a little tip, and help the next poor sucker on his one way trip....."   Frank Zappa



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