Some More Media Bullshit

Please forgive me for presenting yet another political blog  about the insanity displayed by the media. I have an addictive personality so "It's not my fault man". I know this site is for laughs and giggles, but I favor black humor or satire to everyday , "smash the crotch or silly cat laughs". I know it's my personal "Fail" ure , but I ask you to please take the time to witness one of the most obvious  media "Fail" ures I have ever seen.

Here in the following video you will see some obvious stooge pretending to be a supporter of Ron Paul, by reserving a table so she can meet him. She complains that he never took the time to talk with her, like it was God given, but at the end of the clip you see Ron Paul actually conversing in a very friendly manner  with her before the clip is cut off.  Are these people retarded?

You'll see Ron Paul exchanging pleasantries near the end of the clip.

Here she is complaining he never came over to talk to her.

NOW THAT'S What I call Bullshit!!
Uploaded 01/09/2012
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