Some of my fav chuck norris jokes

Ok lets b honest either you love chuck norris jokes or you absolutely hate the idea of a man more powerful and sexy then furgy and jesus so lets get up some jokes. 

chuck norris is strong enough to punch through steel, yet delicate enough to cradle a newborn to sleep.

chuck norris never hides, only seeks.

sometimes chuck norris calles up the power rangers just to say hi.

if chuck norris had a dime for every time some1 lived when he roundhouse kicked them, hed have no nickles

chuck norris only lives by one rule:no Asian chicks

chuck norris is considered a prime # in some schools in Ontario.

superman owns a pair of chuck norris pj's

one time a guy stabbed chuck norris behind a childrens hospital in a allyway, the knife bled to death.

chuck norris once roundhouse kicked bruce lee breaking him in half, thus making jackie chan and jet li

chuck norris doesnt speak. he thinks words towards his foot then roundhouse kicks them at ur brain.

if at 1st u dont succeed, ur not chuck norris.

i got more on my blog if you want check them out i got some really funny ones on their. just scroll down a bit. comment rate/hate w/e :D happy reading

Uploaded 11/05/2010
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