Some People.

Some people just piss me off. The kind of people that everyone has to know and hate to properly be called human. For instance, pretty much everyone knows that guy who, no matter where you go somehow manages to find you, say he got there first, and jokingly acuse you of stalking him. Like, I went to a party to prove this point to some friends, when I got there I made sure he wasn't there, like really made sure and then asked someone to call him and tell him about the party. In the next ten minutes he showed up, found me, and then said, and I quote "Hey, dude nice to see you here man I'm glad you finally showed up. I've been waiting here for hours, dude." That just makes me sooooo mad. Another example of the annoying "friend" is the classic mooch. You invite someone to a party cause you think they will have a nice time and they end up like stealing beer and ketchup and stuff and you get kicked out for inviting him. Another example of the mooch is the guy who always calls you to see what you're doing and when you tell him he invites himself to whatever you are doing. This last mentioned mooch got me last week, he called me to see what was up and I told him I was getting ready to have a going away party for some friends, he said, and I quote "Wow, that's totally cool dude, I'll be there." and then hung up before I could tell him it was just a close friends thing and he shouldn't come. But these guys I can handle, the worst friend, or aquaintance or whatever you call them that everybody has is the person who, number one comes by unannounced, number two bring like their whole friggin family who eats all your food, and last but not least does not bring a single thing for you and expects you to just entertain them as houseguests for the next few hours while they eat all of your expensive cheese and wine you were saving for your romantic evening with your lover later on. As you can probably see from me being so specific this happened to me recently. The friggin people ate around $1000 worth of cheese and wine, I'm not exagerating, it was french cheese and high end wine. They barely even chewed they just gobbled it down. Anyway, I know that just about everyone knows at least one annoying "friend" who is just sooo persistent. That is my opinion and story and I would love to hear yours because that is what I am all about, opinions, please share.

Uploaded 01/19/2009
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