some straight up bullshit

I'm not an enviromentalist or anything of that sort, but I was reading an article which spoke of nutrient pollution.It is a well known that fertalizers are harming the environment. The run-off from farms upsets the delicate balance of chemicals and protein in the water. The fertilizer pollutes the waters with nutrients stimulating the growth of algae and bacteria. These are both vital parts of the environment in moderation, but in large quantities they suffocate the plants and animals that live in those waters doing serious and sometimes irreversible damage.


An estuary is a semi-enclosed coastal body of water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it. The bio-diversity in the estuaries is a very valuable asset to the better understanding of the natural world. Chemical fertilizers by definition are any inorganic material of wholly or partially synthetic origin that is added to the soil to sustain plant growth.  Many fertilizers contain acids such as sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid in the soil leaks into estuaries and lakes raising the acidity of the water. Many of the organisms that live in estuaries are very sensitive to the acidity of the water.


The sulfuric acid and other chemicals in the chemical fertilizers may kill nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria fix sufficient atmospheric nitrogen to supply the needs of growing plants. The lack of these bacteria may affect the plant life in the estuaries and resulting in fewer places for animals to hide from predators. This may cause a serious decline in animals that reside in the estuaries and also the migratory birds that stop to rest.


 In addition the stripping the land of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, it also makes the water too rich in nutrients resulting in certain algae and bacteria growing in large number. This can cause the water to be stripped of oxygen killing all organisms in the water that depend on oxygen. Sooner or later the fertilizer get into the oceans and kill off fish we haven't even discovered yet. One day theres going to be a new story about how they found a fish that can cure cancer but it was killed off because of the pollution

I really don't get pissed about enviromental shit but that kind of really got to me.

Uploaded 11/17/2008
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