Someone dumped on the floor of my office's women's bathroom.

Ok so another work day begins, I'm toiling away as I always do, mostly on ebaums barely scraping by, little did I know today would be the best day ever.

My office is mostly female, majority of the women who work here are either wives of the attorneys, or friends of wives of the attorneys, and one of them came running into the front door looking like she'd just witnessed a murder.  Her name is Christine, she's an older woman who is very proper, and doesn't even approve of terms like crap, or damn, or the lord's name in vain.  So anyway, she comes busting through the front door at full tilt with a look of absolute horror on her face, goes right up to the boss and says "Somebody made a doody on the women's room floor! I ALMOST STEPPED IN IT!"

I'm not sure if you've ever witnessed a man convulse and nearly urinate his pants, but that's probably the best way to describe my reaction.  I lost my shit.  So i'm laughing my ass off, and she shoots me the evil eye and then says "There is NOTHING funny about this doody situation!"  Which of course, sent me into another convulsive spasmodic fit of laughter.  I swear, if i hadn't finally left the office she probably would have castrated me.

So anyway, that's how my day started, and I'm pretty sure it's got nowhere to go but down from here, but that was worth it.  Ahh, did this really happen?  I shit you not. HA!  Knew i could work that in if i tried.

Until next time......

Uploaded 05/22/2008
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