Someone is not going to be popular..........

Some things I hear on a regular basis and I really do think people have ran out of common sense "look what Bush did to us" GET A NEW SONG its over and now what are we going to do. It has become so popular these days to blame and take no responsibility for our actions. Drugs and alcohol are becoming the complete and utter demise of the world not just the USA but everywhere and I mean even the most harmless of drugs "POT". Don't think so? Watch cops on TV sometime and see if you ever see them come to a fight where pot is involved, it doesn't happen because when you smoke it, the last thing you want to do is fight or do anything that will stop the buzz. MODERATION PEOPLE....TRY IT.


For years this country has led the way in manufacturing and saving people from hunger and if a country had a financial problem we were right there and I for one was grateful for this. During our great times in this country the common denominator was always our belief in God......oops did I say that? Well yes I did, but before you hang me from a cross think outside of the box for a second and even if the people didn't believe in God their hearts were in the right place and what I mean by that is they didn't feel the need to call people nut jobs or fanatics. The common denominator today is to not believe in God and believe in NOTHING. There are many so called Christians groups out there that are not helping the situation much with their "fags are going to hell" "abortionist are murderers" it just takes a message that is put into the hands of men and there is nothing more easily corruptible than MAN. The anger of this whole thing is so amazing, the cries that go out for the poor Muslims and the calling of crosses being built to hang Christians. Why are we so angry and why do we hang onto it so tightly?


You know all these LOUD MOUTHED Republicans and the LOUD MOUTHED Democrats, well most of us fall right in the middle and it is the same with Christianity most of us believers fall right in the middle. Now all you non-believers???? I want you to know I would fight to the death for your right to NOT believe but as you are talking about your different beliefs or your non-beliefs would you fight to the death so I could have my say also?


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 07/11/2009
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