Something A Little Strange

So recently I found my neighbor to be hanging outside a lot, and I was just curious what he was up to, and I found out that he has been spying on my friend. My neighbor is 43 and my friend she is only 15 so when I told her about this, well you can imagine her reaction. So the other day me and her were talking on the phone about what we should do, when my neighbor walks out and I told her that he is looking at her house agian and she wants to make sure it is her that he is looking at. Well she went outside to see if he was watching her and it turns out that the whole time he was watching her mom which was right next door to her room so it turns out that her mom and my neighbor meet up in a grocery store and really hit it off, now they are in a relationship.


But Jenn and I realized that you really should'nt think the worst immediatly.


Ha in the end it still is a little weird lol.

Uploaded 08/14/2008
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