Something is Wrong in the Sporting World

Every day, we are hearing of new ways officials are screwing teams out of wins, and playoff chances or games. This seems most relevant to the MLB and college football. We will start with Major League Baseball. I don't have time to spend telling you all about every blown call, but this started before the playoffs. I'll start on October 6th. It was the game that decided who goes to the playoffs to face the bastard Yankees. Two outs for the Tigers in what was their last at bat of the year. Bases loaded, yes, they had a couple of blown chances to score earlier in the game too, but that is not important right now. Anyways, Brandon Inge is up to bat (with two outs as stated before). Here comes a pitch and hits him in the jersey. However, the umpire, who was looking right at him, as shown on a replay, doesn't call it. The call was clear as day. But, no call, and Inge eventually struck out. The Tigers lost that game, and their good season on ONE blown call. I'm not even going to get started on all the Yankee favoring calls in the ALCS. Now college football. Anybody watch the Michigan State Iowa game Saturday night? There was an AMAZING hit on an Iowa wide receiver towards the end of the game. This hit was perfect; it was at the shoulder pads, but was called helmet to helmet contact. I've seen that replay a dozen times, and the only thing I saw hit that Iowa wide out's helmet was HIS shoulder pads. This turned out to be pretty big. State gave up a first down on the play, but it turned out to be a 30 yard play total with the "penalty" added on. This was big because Iowa scored on this drive, and scored the game winning touchdown a few minutes later. There have been many other blown calls in college football too. 2 SEC officiating crews have been suspended for poor calls, and the NCAA has acknowleged that many penalties should not have been called. Does anyone else have a problem with the way the sporting world is going nowadays. It seems that the goal is to keep the good teams on top, while the do half the work.
Uploaded 10/27/2009
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