Something Must Go This Way

Oh Hai, It's Yank.

Just wanted to blog and share my inner demons/thoughts tonight on this cold Sunday night.
If you don't follow soccer, I mean beloved Yanks are out. >:O But, it's all good, can't win em all...I'm rooting for the Giants anyway. On that note, I'm having a good few drinks enjoying tonights football game. I hate Farve.

I'm not going to talk about Christmas, viewing from recent blogs or being in banned camp for that matter.

I want to discuss about music, we all love it, listen to it, hate some of it and etc... I enjoy classic rock, rock, some 80's hair metal, and some solo artists for that matter. Most of those solo artists are from rock bands. (go figure) It makes my spirit feel good. Like that video I posted of that little midget dancing. That guy had some serious dance moves (seriously). I can't dance, b/c I'm white, that's a given. He was too, but he's gifted. I lack in that department, so I'll stick to eBaumsworld.

On a side note, it has been brought to my attention that spam from our beloved blogs are becoming annoying. Please message me if you see a spammy blog and I'll take care of it for you. (Hopes you don't message me about this blog) But some blogs are way worse than this one, amirite?

I hope you all had a good weekend and thanks for wasting your time to read this blog as I were merely bored and wanted to type words.

I'll leave you with a random video.

Uploaded 10/24/2010
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