Something to Think About

Life is a cycle. We are born. We reproduce. We die. Our offspring continue the cycle. It seems like reality to us but is it really? Can we really prove that we live in a real world that actually exists? Imagine for a second that there are creatures thousands of times our size that have placed our "universe" into a glass dome. Perhaps we are nothing but mere subjects of observation. Perhaps our life is worth nothing compared to the greater beings. Perhaps we are the mere science fair project of these great beings and that what we constantly discover only mirror what has been discovered in the "real world". Or maybe what i have just said was a load of false information. We could also be a fragment of a dream. Maybe our lives are all a minuscule part of an amazing dream of another human. Our life trickles away as the greater being is about to wake up. We are just part of the imagination of an amazing person. Our year could equal a small second of the person's dream. Well lets move on with whether our world is a reality or not. Lets think about something else to bust our brain (that is if our brain actually exists..we may not even be real). What does the future hold for us. My opinions that we will just kill our selves with the build up of toxic fumes that we put into out environment. Another scenario is that tension between all countries that exist and may form in the future is never be released and that we will eventually nuke ourselves to death. But hey, thats just my thoughts. We could die in a million of other scenarios, notice i said die. The human race or plain existence will extinguish sooner or later. We most likely wont need to wait for the sun to blow up and kill us all. We will kill ourselves! Yep I'm that positive of it. Well this is just be rambling on about whats on my mind. I haven't even got to my beliefs on god yet or the future creation of my own religion. That would take much more space that i have just taken up now. Well i hope you have fun thinking about what i have said. See ya later (or maybe never because the greater being may be waking up in a matter of seconds and our lives are about to end). Oh my I'm rambling again. Well now i say goodbye for real. I hope we wont kill ourselves and ill be able to talk to all of you again.

Uploaded 08/27/2008
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