Something You Didn't Know About Me.

Years ago I pondered the idea of building a car from wood. Wood has incredible properties if properly utilized. Not only that, but different types of wood have different properties. Hell, I actually made  springs from orange wood to be used in a car chassis. Besides that wood is a renewable resource, easy to work with and is incredibly beautiful. 
Below is my first attempt to build a sports car from wood. Yes the engine is metal, but come on give me a break. No, the house fan is not a Ghetto radiator. The cooling system combined eco -friendly refrigerant with a radically designed air-foil partially completed in the picture provided. 

In the last couple of years I`ve been studying thorium nuclear power generation and devised an engine that can power my chassis. I used a commercially available levelling laser, enhanced with a thick lens to heat up the thorium, thereby releasing it`s  potential power. This energy is then used to heat up small amounts of water to create steam power. It`s a closed system so the water is recycled. 
Because thorium is so dense, similar to uranium, it stores considerable potential energy: 1 gm of thorium equals the energy of 7,500 gallons (28,391 L) of gasoline. So, using just 8 gm of thorium in a car should mean it would never need refueling.


Unfortunately, I can`t show you the final product until all patents are registered and I feel my life is threatened as I may have upset the apple cart. With your support, I will be able to supply the world with cars that will last forever using energy that is safe and abundant. 

My friend Alice Hamberg had me build a prototype of a Hog that would follow my design concepts. That's a laser ignited thorium engine right there.  What do you think? Does it have commercial appeal? Be honest.


Uploaded 02/25/2012
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