Somewhat coherent rambling...

   WARNING!!! This is my very first attempt at a blog of any kind. (no applause please, you might change your mind by the end of it.) Anywhoo...for those of you that know me or know OF me on EBW I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, Deunan Knute. She is merely a character from a favorite movie of mine. I am not a cute 20 something female, in fact I am a not so cute 40 yr old guy. Divorced, 3 kids...blah blah blah. Life has had me by the nuts for the past few years and I am just now starting to recouperate. (I hope.) I won't go into detail because most of you don't care and I'm totally cool with that. I am not a writer of ANY kind so please forgive bad style, prose, punctuation and the like.

   I live in the greater Seattle area and work one part time job, looking for another one. I like football. I exercise regularly, don't drink or do drugs. (Any more :) Life is one boring day after another. Why am I writing this? Who knows? I don't even know! Just felt like doing it. I'm lonely I suppose...there I said it, okay? For all of you wet behind the ears 20 somethings...BASH AWAY!!! I wouldn't expect any different. For those of you that are more experienced in life...maybe we can talk occasionally and have some kinda fun.


Uploaded 08/21/2010
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