Sony and Microsoft fanboyism, flame wars and complaints.

 This 12 year war between both consoles seems like it is never going to end. I don't remember much about the console wars in the 90's because it was about Sega and Nintendo. Until the other consoles came rolling around like the Panasonic 3DO, which was a total flop and the Atari Jaguar. I can say that the 3DO was impressive, but the price tag wasn't. 700 dollars was a no deal because they had pretty much the same games as the Sega and Nintendo and PC at the time, Same with the Jaguar. However, the Jaguar was less expensive at 249, making it 50 dollars more expensive than the Super Nintendo. That being said, the 3DO and Jaguar was a flop. The Jaguars were recycled as dentist cameras and the 3DO can still be sold as the same as a new Nintendo Wii online. During the mid-90's when technology was advancing, The introduction of the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Nintendo 64 were around the corner--PlayStation was at 300 dollars, Sega Saturn was at 400 and the Nintendo 64 was at 200. To state the obvious that the internet wasn't as popular and people argue over which console was better. As most of us know (not trying to cause an argument) that the Nintendo had better specs since it was titled "64" (bit graphics) and the Sega and PlayStation had 32 bit graphics, and Nintendo ended up coming in second place when the new consoles were being introduced in the meantime. Our eyes were big and gloomy when they first announced newer consoles. Sega announced they were making a Sega "128" which means the 128 bit graphic system. Then later on, it became the Dreamcast. Released in 9/9/99, selling at 200 dollars. While I was busy watching Chris Rock at the music awards shows just to put that out there because I remember that moment. Months later with the Dreamcast being released, Sony and Nintendo introduced the public that the PlayStation 2 and Game Cube (Project Dolphin) was around the corner. Making Sony the first console to play DVD's, I was interested more than the Dreamcast and Game Cube. A year and a month later of October 2000, they released the PlayStation 2 at 300 dollars, 100 dollars more expensive than the Dreamcast and the Game Cube (also 200 dollars at launch) As I saw it myself, Sega's future wasn't looking so bright. I have never heard of the Xbox months after it released. When I first saw it, I thought it was a joke coming from Microsoft. Being the same price as the PS2 when released--I saw the specs which had the some similar specs but (again, I'm not trying to cause an argument) Xbox had better graphics compared to the PS2 in some games. PlayStation 2, being the best selling console at that time was going to come to an end when the life-cycle of the consoles were getting obsolete. Now most of us witnessed that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft were the last three standing leaving Sega to go out of business and making games for all three consoles.  With the internet becoming a standard household item, all three companies rolled out a new generation of consoles. Nintendo with the Wii selling at 250, Microsoft with the Xbox 360 selling at 300 to 400 dollars since there were two versions. One had a hard drive and the other didn't which made it less expensive. Then the PlayStation 3 selling at 500 to 600 dollars--which drove some people away.Now the console battles were intense but the war was starting and it seems like it is not going to end between Microsoft and Sony. With the Wii outselling the 360 and PS3, despite having the same specs as their successor GameCube, I am going to leave that out of the conclusion. Arguably people go back and forth saying who has the better specs. Which the 360 and PS3 having the same exact specs, Sony fan boys claim the PS3 is superior because it has blu-ray and a cell processor. Most of the multi-platform games look exactly alike in most peoples eyes--as for me, I can't tell the difference either. Now with the exclusives, now mind you that Sony gave up false hopes showing off their tech demos that weren't actually game play which was pointless. Then the claims with the exclusives claiming which ones are better. From both sides, some of Microsoft and Sony exclusives never lived up to their hype. People claimed Uncharted looked better than all the Xbox games. Somehow EA games such as Mass Effect which is a multi-platform game look way better than Uncharted compared in graphics. With the newer consoles between the Xbox One and PS4, Some would say that the Wii U is declared a disaster. Now this is when the console war is becoming a all-out war. Both consoles being released later this year, people are constantly going at it. With the Xbox one selling at 500 dollars and the PS4 being at 400 the bickering which one is better and the riff raff of the Xbox new polices and features. First with Microsoft stated that they will have a DRM policy (Digital Rights Management) to keep people from pirating games which required people to have a constant online checks to see if you aren't doing anything illegal with your system. People weren't satisfied with the online check, but at the same time that you're on the internet regarding the online check policy. As far as I know, nobody plays games offline nowadays, that totally defeats the purpose of now having a console to play it offline. Now for the used games policy people were mad about, I was 100% for it. I respect peoples opinions about everybody's statement, but some people have to realize some things about gaming companies--as for one, I graduated from college with a computer science degree. People don't understand or realize that re-selling your game is hurting the video game company, then people come to buy the used copy, that's why EA and Ubisoft had online passes. I hear people complaining about the campaign mode is being too short and there aren't a lot of game modes online. That is the problem and that's why they have DLC content so they can squeeze extra money out of you--so basically, you just spent 100 plus dollars on that game that they could of added for free.... Now that Microsoft dropped the policy, people still aren't satisfied but it still isn't affecting Microsoft in any way because they're still selling. Not going to go with the conclusion of pre-order sells because the media is flip-flopping about it. People claim they want to play games and not have all those features then the Sony fan boys came storming all over the internet rubbing it on Microsoft's fan boys faces. Little do they know that the PS4 was following Microsoft's footsteps because now, they have to pay to play for multi-player on the PS4. The most funny thing about Sony fan boys is that they are having a rude awakening. Both consoles have the same specs, running on 8 GB  RAM and 8 GB CPU. Except the Xbox One has DDR3 and PS4 has GDDR5. Seeing both game play of the new consoles, I couldn't see a difference between those two. Somehow Sony fan boys claiming that some games look better on the PS4--that they never saw personally. Sony fan boys fail attempt to scold Microsoft for having Xbox One playing on high end PC's as most of them were ignorant enough to realize that the current generation consoles and PS4 were both being ran on a high end PC before. I am getting the Xbox One despite their past policies simply because I prefer Xbox games like Forza and prefer the controller over the PlayStation games and controller. We will have to wait and see in a mean time if both consoles especially PS4 consoles graphics live up to the hype. 
Happy Gaming! 
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