Sorry but WRONG!!!!!!!

Dear Mr. Red/Blue you ask how is Obama supposed to get anything done with us up his ass? Most of us on here know we are just having some fun and laughing our ass off at Wallsheep. of course I wish we did have his ear beucause if I did I would ask why he keeps trying to contol EVERYTHING we do, and now you want to get us in the insurance business and in case you dont know this Mr. Obama we are already in the Health Care business ever hear about Medicare. Do I need to say anymore about this fine tuned Government agency or are we going to lie about this some more. I dont know what the answer is but more government control is NOT the answer. Some person on here wrote a blog titled pussification of America and it was dead on, we raise our kids from early on how NOT to be motivated toward victory and IT'S WORKING.

Now back to my point Mr. Red/Blue I agree with almost evrything you said but I get so tired of the Bush thing he is gone and I guess he did what he thought was right too, and becauseof the whole "if you question Bush you are unpatriotic crap" he went unchecked and look at what we got. Now along comes a man who speaks so well that you would believe anything he says but it doesnt change a thing WE MUST QUESTION AND ALWAYS REPEAT QUESTIONS SO WHEN HE LIES TO US WE HAVE EVIDENCE. People talk about Bush how bad things are and I agree with most of that but here is the main differnce as I see it, when Obama is finished and his gal Pelosi we will be even more controlled by our government and we will be shit out of luck. I am so against the loud screaming at the town hall meetings by the Americans who are fed up but without them we would have stepped right into government controlled Health Care and we would be screwed. Bottom line we were promised change and we arent getting it, Government control is not the change I thought were getting and for that we should bring a tent to set up in Obama's ass but with wallsheep in there it would be crowded. The double talk is so frigging thick in the world, first we hear Obama has little power I AGREE but apparently he has enough power to guide us in the direction of winning a Nobel. Please be honest he didnt deserve it.

What I dont understand is why dont people talk about the the frigging LIARS and yes I said LIARS who were all aboard the CHANGE TRAIN and look what happens when somebody tries to ask a question to any of them microphones get cut off, Americans get called names for voicing their disagreement with policy, these are the people who said things would change once Bush was gone....ooops did I say Bush? I guess I will use him as an example to help me.


Thanks for reading Bohank and yes I still love Blue/Red and call me American because as long as I have breath I will take my responsibillity serious and question question question my leaders.


PS No free beer for spelling checks I am now broke. lol


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