Sorry folks, more thoughts on Religion

I haven’t checked the blogs for the last couple of day, so if the whole religion discussion is over, sorry folks.  Anyway the reason I am writing another blog on religion is to respond to some of the comments and questions I saw.  There were many great comments and questions.  I felt compelled to respond to some of them, not to impose my beliefs, but to maybe help give some people out there a better understanding of God and Christianity.  I know I was not asked to do this, but I love the discussions and debates.  Some of you who have read my previous comments are going to see a lot of repetition here, so please bear with me.


I saw some comments regarding freewill, and if God made people with freewill, and He knows people are going to sin and be disobedient, then why bother creating mankind in the first place?  You’re right, why bother?  Well, God did not want to create a bunch of mindless robots, who would follow His every command without question.  What would be the point?  I mean I think it’s cool that there are robots and computers with artificial intelligence, but when you get right down to it, these things cannot think for themselves.  So, it’s pointless.  God created mankind, because he wanted people to worship Him.  God wanted his followers to be able to choose to worship Him.  Also, God created mankind knowing we would sin, but parents know their children are going to disobey and misbehave, but that does not stop them from having kids.  I have six children myself, and one or sometimes all of them misbehave every day.  But, I love my children, just as God loves us and the mere fact that my kids are not always going to do what is right is no reason not to have them.  Parents discipline or punish their children, just as God punishes us.


Now, it was also brought up that God created mankind in order to worship Him, and if we don’t believe in God and accept salvation, doesn’t that make God sound needy and like a spoiled child?  Awesome question.  The Bible states God created everything.  He created the universe, He created earth and He created mankind.  Therefore, God created everything, He owns everything and He  “needs” nothing.  God does not “need” us to worship Him.  Once again, freewill is the key.  God gave us freewill, because He “wants” us to worship Him. He wants us to worship Him because He loves us.  Worshiping God is how Christians can honor God for all the things He has done for us and continues to do.  I know there are a lot of terrible things in this world, but God never promised life or being a Christian would be easy.  If God said, “Ok anybody who becomes a Christian will not suffer from sickness and disease” then everyone would be a Christian, but it would be for the wrong reason and it would not be faith based.  Many people would be Christians only to reap the benefit of a disease free life and not to love and worship God.  Also, that would be the same as Parents who negotiate or bribe their children to get them to behave.  “Now listen Johnny, if you don’t act up in the store, mommy will buy you a toy.”  Forget it.  A child needs to obey, because that is what is expected of him, not because he will only behave if he is given a reward.  The same holds true for God and His followers.  I would never dream of telling God, “If you want me to worship you then get me a brand new car.”  That is ludicrous.  God laid out a simple set of rules for me to follow, but I don’t have too, and if I don’t then I suffer the consequences.  Mankind’s selfish attitude of “Nobody tells me how to live my life” is a key factor in disobedience towards God.  Many Christians, non-Christians and especially me live their lives with that attitude.  But, no matter what, God still love us.  Every one of us, because we are all equal sinners in His eyes.  If anyone ever thinks or says God favors he or she more than anyone else is a fool.  One more thing regarding God acting like a spoiled child.  The Bible states in order to go to Heaven, a person has to believe in God and accept Jesus as their Savior.  Being a good person and doing good works is not enough.  When I was a teenager I wrestled with this concept.  I could not understand how so many millions of good people would not be allowed into Heaven, just because they would not worship God.  It’s pretty simple really.  God tells us what we need to do, and we have a choice (freewill again).  If we go against God, well, He still loves us, but we suffer the consequences.  If we follow God, the we go to Heaven.  Let me put it this way; you have a child that is basically a “good kid.”  He does his chores, he loves his parents, and he would never hurt anybody.  But, this child constantly gets into the cookie jar and takes the cookies without permission.  The child knows he is not supposed too, but he says to himself, “That’s a stupid rule, I’m not hurting anyone, I will take a cookie when ever I want too.”  Ok, the child isn’t hurting anyone, but he is deliberately disobeying his parents, so one day the parents say, “Ok everyone, we’re going to go to the movies.  Oh I’m sorry Johnny you can’t go, because you have been told numerous times to stay out of the cookie, and your too stubborn to listen.”  Well, why should Johnny be rewarded for deliberate disobedience even though he is basically a good kid? 


One more thing (sorry folks).  I saw another comment about God killing babies.  Ok, whenever a baby dies or is still born, it automatically goes to Heaven.  Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists and some other Christian denominations would a would disagree, but that is something that can be discussed later if anyone cares.  Babies are the most innocent people on this planet, how could God allow them to die?  Everyone is going to die, it is inevitable.  God did not promise we would live in a world without suffering.  When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life, any chance of an easy life ended right there.  God basically told Adam and Eve, that all future generations would have to work to survive, and there would be suffering in this world.  That was a very generic description of what God said, but it would take too long to explain all of what God said to Adam and Eve.  One point I should mention about “God killing babies” may stem from the celebration of Passover.  During the time of Moses, the Egyptians were holding the Israelites captive.  God came to Moses and told him to tell Pharaoh, that he needed to release the Egyptians or suffer the consequences, which would be in the form of 10 plagues.  Each plague would get progressively worse.  Pharaoh basically said, “Tell your God to do His worse, but I’m not budging.”  Ok, God followed through with the plagues and punishment, with the last being every first-born son in Egypt would die.  The Israelites were told to mark their doors with lamb’s blood, so that the spirit of the Lord would Passover them.  After the 10th plague or punishment, Pharaoh finally released the Israelites.  One should take note that when Moses was an infant Pharaoh ordered all first born sons of the Israelites be killed, and Moses was only spared because he was sent down the Nile river in a basket.  Also, before each plague was unleashed, Moses came to everyday and told him it was not too late to change his mind, but Pharaoh was too stubborn to give in.


Ok, I’m done for now.  I just want to say that I am certainly not an expert, I do not feel I am more enlightened, and I absolutely do not pass judgment on anyone who is not a Christian.  Nobody is right or wrong, that is not supposed to be the Christian mentality, but unfortunately many Christians fall into that trap, and for that I am sorry.  Good day to you all.     

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