Soup and memories and beer....


My oldest brother came over the last couple of days and we made our favorite soup "Menudo". In case you dont know you start with 20 lbs. of Tripe (cow stomach) and several cans of Hominy and a whole bunch of peppers and other spices. This soup is great and really works well on hangovers because by the time you eat half a bowl you are sweating all the alcohol out not to mention any thing you have in your body you need to get out through sweating. lol

We were sitting around consuming several beers and he reached over and touched my arm where there is this huge scar that he caused when we were teenagers. He, being the older brother and the one with the brains (I assumed) thought it would be fun to try and take on 15 catholic boys with only five of us, and unless you are Chuck Norris you just cant do it. We were running through our memories when he pulled out this picture of me on my 21st birthday and I was drinking double shots of Jack and chasing it with a Pina colada. Now at that time I was 210 and stood 5'10" and was solid as a rock from working at a steel company, so imagine this guy with a full beard and his Stetson on drinking a drink with an umbrella. Oh yea the guys were afraid that night. lol If you have older siblings and you fight, dont sweat it because when you get older you just might find that cooking your favorite soup with that same sibling as a really great time.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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