soup blog brothers and sisters. I've been busy as fuck and my new house takes longer to drive to soz I don't blog like the old days when work was a 5 minute walk away. And now that I live further away and have more responsibility at work and home I drink less, which kinda puts a damper on my creativity juices. But I digest.

My dog just had puppies so imma bout to make big money and they're cute as fuck. Can you see pix of them? No you can't, fuck you. I wish I had time to bring back some blog-monsters and some interviews.

As a matter of fact I got a few I never posted. One is from the great mod DreaD but a little secret to that I might as well reveal because something I was hoping to happen wont now cus of some faggetrons.

Most of you know DreaD is a marine, I asked him a bunch of questions about his job etc. Well I was gunna make it a little more interesting by getting an opposing (faggety) view. The westborrow  baptist church. Well I got a hold of one of the leaders, by now the emails are deleted so I forget which one I talked to but he's in the news, and basically got the run around I kind of expected I would get. 

welp just kinda shootin the shit. 

- Frogbob

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