so i eat a marshmellow and im fucked up right? what? i mean i feel really funny and i like it, but i start thinking. i dont usually ever stop thinking, so i ponder as to why after eating the white puffy thing did i begin to start. do spaceships always go to space? i wanna go to space. i think it would be really fucking cool. thats what im gonna do. im gonna be a spaceman. ill send everyone a postcard from space. it will say "greetings from space, wish you were here!" it will be black. and maybe it will have white dots on it. can you talk to the dots? do the dots talk back? no. the dots are mereley representational. they are there only to let you know that boomshakalaka has sent you a space card ( thats what a postcard from space is called). so its final... next wednesday ill start space training. zero gravity is gonna be a real motherfucker! so to all this i thank you mr. marshmellow. you have given me the courage and inspiration to persue a new goal. a trip to space to send postcards to all my earth friends. am i going to need space stamps? fuck
Uploaded 04/12/2012
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