Spanki - Dread 2:0

I haven't witnessed such powerful ass kicking in some time here. It seems that Dread got bullied like a little boy yesterday. I've read the comments to his blog with a smile. The reactions were priceless. The abusive mod got what was coming for him as you can clearly see from his comments there.

Dread08 (Dec 12, 2011 12:27am)   link.pngeye.pngcomment_add.png thumb_down.png  thumb_up.png 0
DUDE I'm a fucking MERC! YES! And I did it all
for the money but yet I never deployed! To Joe
and Joe who are verified in the military!
Thank you brothers! Oh wait We're Fucking

Awww, someone's butthurt.

But I guess the blog bugged him so much, he had to come back later and write some more comments.

Dread08 (Dec 12, 2011 1:48am)   link.pngeye.pngcomment_add.png thumb_down.pngthumb_up.png 0
Racking up cool points in the school yard huh?
Nice touch insulting the wife too...

Dread08 (Dec 12, 2011 1:50am)   link.png thumb_down.pngthumb_up.png 0
Oh wait that blog has been suspended
sense you wrote it three times trying to
"own" me.

You got so mad you had to suspend it. But guess what, someone who's an actual mod put it back up. I guess this proves you lose again. Spanki stands victorious yet again. So what does Dread08 do? He makes an alt.... of his wife (this is getting more and more entertaining).

MrsDread (Dec 12, 2011 1:15am)   link.pngeye.pngcomment_add.png thumb_down.pngthumb_up.png 0
Yes, spanki1889: My husband is a MERC.... or
NOT!!! If my husband actually got paid what he
deserves for protecting all American's- we'd
be OUT OF DEBT and living it up. What YOU are
referring to are the corporate mercenaries who
get paid at least $100G a year. My husband, as
a pretty higher up enlisted man, makes mere
pennies to these guys. He fights and protects
your freedom for just enough for our family to
SURVIVE month-to-month. You really should just
shut up already as it is apparent that you are
a nothing in society. There is no more
honorable job than what my husband does as a
United States Marine... maybe if you have such
a problem with it, you should move somewhere
else... or to another planet, preferably. As
has been pointed out already, you are an idiot
and a peon of our society- you are NOTHING
compared to my husband or these other
bloggers. No one wants you here- so why don't
you just shrivel up somewhere else and go
annoy other stupid people like yourself.
::Getting off

MrsDread (Dec 12, 2011 1:20am)   link.png thumb_down.pngthumb_up.png 0
my soapbox now:: Go play in traffic-
you'll be much more amusing there. You
have NO FRIENDS on here, except the
one's that you try to bully into being
your friends (what kind of high school
BS is this?!). What's next, locking a
special eds child up for amusement? Yeah
dude, you fail HARD, and obviously have
no clue what the "real world"
is, nor any sense of reality whatsoever.
Have fun in life with your only gimp,
Andrew Ryan... XOXO ~Mrs Dread~

Account made December 11th 2011.

I declare Spanki1889 to be the undeniable winner in this battle of wits. Another thing is, his opponent was featherweight.
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