Sparks version 2.0, sexy sideburns now included

If you, like most everybody on this site, have been wondering where I've been, and what I've been doing for the last couple months, well, have I got a treat for you. Let's see, in the past months I've:

- Made the Dean's List in college after flunking out of a University

- Moved in with my best friend

- Thought about coming back to EBW

- Dated a hot asian

- Dated a different hot girl

- Dated no one when they discovered each other.

- Got Promoted at my job

- Still have a shitty job

- Won the Falcon from Lando in a high stakes game of Sabacc

- Lost the Falcon to Lando in a high stakes game of Sabacc

- Abandoned the long hair and grew some FUCKING sweet sideburns

- Wished I had something to blog about so I would have a reason to go back to EBW

- Drank a lot of Vodka

- Watched a lot of porn

- Missed the old EBW blogging section

- Watched an obscene amount of BET, almost an hour a day

- Got a 6 pack of abs, bitches!

Did I mention I grew some fuckin sweet Sideburns? So you guys are all caught up, I reckon, so what's been goin on here?




Uploaded 07/25/2009
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