sperm facts

* The average age a man starts producing sperm is 12 1/2

* Actual amount of semen per ejaculation: 1 to 2 Tsp full

* Number of calories per Tsp of semen: 7

* Percent of ejaculate made up of sperm: 5 %

* Average number of sperm per ejaculation: 100 million

* Average number of times a man will ejaculate in his lifetime 7,200

* Average number of times he will ejaculate from masturbation: 2,000

* Average total amount of lifetime ejaculate: Approximately 14 gallons

* Average speed of ejaculation: 28 mph

* Average length from base of pelvis to tip of penis flaccid: 3.5 inches

* Average length when erect: 5.1 inches

* Average girth measured at the base of the shaft when flaccid: 3.9 inches

* Average girth when erect: 4.9 inches

* Smallest natural (functional) penis recorded on a man: 5/8 inch

* Largest natural (functional) penis recorded on a man: 11 inches

* Largest penis in the Animal Kingdom belongs to the Blue Whale: 11 Feet

* With penile enlargement surgery, average gain in size when flaccid: 3 inches

* Average gain when erect: 1 inch

* Cost of enlargement surgery: Between $6,000 and $20,000

* Percent of U.S. men who are circumcised: 60

* Amount of blood in a flaccid penis: 1/3 oz

* Amount of blood in penis when erect: 3 oz

* Other organs that can increase their capacity by as much: None

* Number of penile implants currently in use in the U.S. : About 22,500

* Number of women who have breast implants in the U.S.: About 1.5 million

* Percent of men that say they climax too early: 30

* Most arousing time of day for a man: Early morning hormone levels peak)

* Most arousing season for a man: Fall (hormone levels peak)

* Percent of men who say that there has ever been a moment in their lives when they weren't interested in sex: 13

* Best ways to improve sexual function: quit smoking, start exercising, lose weight

* Foods that are believed to be aphrodisiacs: Oysters, lean meats, seafood, whole grains, wheat germ
* Average age at which a man has his first sexual experience: 17

* Percent of men that have been with more than 20 sex partners since the age of 18: 17

* Percent of women with the same: 3

* Percent of men who say they masturbate: 60

* Percent of men that say they masturbate at least once a day: 54

* Percent of men that say they feel guilty from masturbating that often: 41

* Amount of time needed for a man to regain erection after orgasm: from 2 minutes to 2 weeks

* Average number of erections per day for a man: 11

* Average number of erections that occur while he is sleeping: 9

* Distance sperm travels to fertilize an egg: 3 to 4 inches

* Time it takes sperm to fertilize an egg: 2.5 seconds

* Sperm life: 2 1/2 months (from development to ejaculation)

* Number of men who have vasectomies each year : 500,000

* Cost of a vasectomy: About $750.00

* Percent reimbursed by insurance: Nearly 100%

* Average cost of a reversal: $8,500

* Percent of cost of reversals covered by insurance: 0

* Cost for a year's supply of condoms for the average sexually active man: About $100.00

* Percent of women involved in the purchase decision of condoms: 60

* Thickness of the average condom: .07mm

* Thickness of super-thin condoms: .05mm

* Content of Semen: Ascorbic acid, blood-group antigens, calcium, cholesterol, chotine, citric acid, creatine, DNA, fructose glutathione, hyaluronidase, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sodium, sorbitol, spermadine, spermine, urea, uric acid, vitamin B 12 and Zinc

* In general the taste of a man's semen varies with his diet. Some say that alkaline-based foods (meat and fish) produce a buttery or fishy taste.

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