Sphinxes Riddle

The Greeks were known for their intelligence. Philosophers came from Greece. The cool movies about Hercules and Odysseus come from stories that were written in Ancient Greece. That was thousands of years ago. Before people invented cars, airplanes and cappuccino machines.

You probably heard the tale of Oedipus. Yeah, that's a Greek myth. No shit! Can you imagine that people came up with that thousands of years ago? Now compare it to X-Men or fucking Iron-Man.

If you heard or read the story of Oedipus, you probably remember the hot monster called Sphinx. She was the daughter of Typhon. The creature had wings, was a human female from waist up and a lion from waist down. She was totally bad ass.

Like most cool monsters, the Sphinx was killing random people for fun. Scientists say that it was a hobby popular among evil creatures of that time, comparable in proportion only to the pokemon craze and Hanna Montana. Most monsters had rules for killing humans. So did the Sphinx. If the person she encountered would answer her riddle, they could walk away with their life spared. Only Oedipus knew the answer for the riddle because he probably cheated.

The riddle is so awesome, that once you hear the answer, you'll probaly go (or already went) "Wow! How could a Greek from the Ancient Times write something this clever?"

After all these years, with electronics, medical advances, science... would you be able to solve the riddle? You should be a lot smarter than Oedipus. You went to school, or maybe even to college. Do you feel like it? You think you can beat Sphinxes riddle? Okay, read it, then try to figure out the answer. Then scroll down to find out if you were right.

What has 2 legs in the morning, 17 at noon and 58 in the evening?

The answer is....

Are you ready?

Answer: A guy that just started collecting legs.
Uploaded 12/05/2010
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