This is the first of what I hope will be a number of discussion initiations that I will proffer to the eBaum's world community.  I use the term discussion initiation because I hope that my fellow community members will join me in the challenging pursuit of attaining an ultimate understanding of ouevil_spirits.htmr own beings.  Today's discussion, I hope, can be about the role of spirituality in each of our lives. 

I will open the discussion with a brief account of my spiritual life.  I do not proclaim membership in any set, sect, or congregation in any organized religion.  I do, however, believe in a spiritual world.  My spiritual world is a dark place -- it is haunted by unfulfilled souls yearning for freedom - a freedom they will never behold.  You see, my friends, mi amigos, to imagine a place such as heaven or hell is to deny yourself the reality of the world.  How is it possible to believe that humans have devised ways to splice new genes into corn, clone living animals, construct spacecrafts, and all such things, but to remain in denial of the fact that if such places as heaven and/or hell did exist, we as a species would have found, and most likely conquered, those places.

Therefore, in order to be spiritual, one must acknowledge at least some portion of the spiritual world.  The portion that I acknowledge, and the only portion that I feel should be acknowledged, is the realm of evil.  Evil spirits pollute the earth eternally.  These spirits have been a plague to society and mankind for time immemorial.  This can no longer stand.  I do not expect you all to acknowledge my stance immediately and completely, but I expect responses and clear contrary evidence if you do not believe.

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