Spoof Movies

I am perplexed. I am bewildered. I am betwazzled and betwixed. Why oh why do they continue to make these pointless, incessant Spoof movies. Date movie, epic movie, superhero movie and I'm sure there are fourty more in the making. Am I alone in wishing foul misfortune on any and all directors who lower themselves to that most unholy ranking of "spoofer"? Do any of you even enjoy these movies? I only write this blog because to my left is the awful bowel movement Scary Movie 4. Yes the first was good, which pretty much sucks because although it was good, it was a double edged sword. Hey! that first one did well! let's make fifty more cookie cutter movies with fart and sex jokes! Idiots. Morons. Fuckin schmucks man. I saw Meet the Spartans...I would have rather masturbated with sandpaper than watched it. Date movie? Nail Gun to the nuts for me thanks. Oh Epic Movie? I think I'll go drink some Battery Acid instead Bob.


Fuck Spoofs and fuck anyone who enjoys them


thegodlyone has spoken and for some reason is incredibly angry


Uploaded 10/26/2008
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