Sports Concussions and Brain Damage
This has been a hot topic lately in both the NFL and NHL as of late. This article outlines a study done in which merely one concussion has shown to significantly lower brain activity in certain parts of the brain. The subjects were mature adults between 50 to 60 years of age, each being of good physical and mental stability.
There is no denying the facts that with the speed, size and strength of today's athletes that everyone involved is at risk at any moment during a game or practice. A concussion will eventually cause permanent brain damage depending on the severity and frequency of bone and brain jarring hits and tackles.
Curious to know from the multitude of sports fans that troll this site your opinions, concerns, ideas regarding rule changes in sports and whether you are for or against putting in measures to reduce the risk of brain damage to players.
Also, recall that we have seen three young enforcers of current and post NHL careers commit suicide as well as succumb to the pressures of playing in the Big Leagues. Most recently Wade Belak, known for his fighting skill and physical prowess hung himself in a Toronto condo. Apparently he suffered from serious depression. Interesting to note how we regard player's physical disabilities or injuries with higher importance than their mental health.
Uploaded 09/15/2011
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