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At some point in every mans life, hes put in that awkward conversation where the group is talking sports, and its a sport you dont know a damn thing about. First of all, Id like to say Im the worst in all these kinds of conversations because I dont watch anything really except USC.


Do you ever want to join in the conversation but dont know what to say? Heres some simple tips for you so you can;

1.) get animated. It makes you seem more passionate, and someone will less likely disagree with whatever bullshit youre about to spew out.

2.) Keep it vague. Say something like "they have really been pushin hard though," you gotta give them that. Or "yah but some say hes past his prime."

3.) No matter what happens dont do the shifty eye slowly back away move.

4.) Disagree with everything the other person says. Have you ever listened to the sports talk shows? It doesnt matter what guy 1 says, guy 2 will always disagree. Makes the conversation more interesting even though you dont know what the fuck is going on. Example he says "So n So is the fastest receiver in the nfl." You go "oh bullshit, thats just what espn keeps saying. whos the guy friggen whats his name from the steelers?" see you keep it vague, you keep it animated and you always disagree.


There you go, a cookie cutter guide for any sports talk when youre speechless.

Uploaded 06/21/2010
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