St. Louis, Missouri, Edward Jones Dome, August 16.

Out of merely fifty-thousand people, only 4 were able to think for themselves. That's right people. Only 4, refused to stand during the national anthem and be a part of that pathetic herd. It's not that I REALLY have anything against the national anthem, it is, after all, a difficult song to sing. And that poor excuse for a barber shop trio called, Jherico proved me right. I just can't handle the mob-mentality and collective-consciousness of the crowds. All rushing to act like everyone else, like a herd of fifty-thousand lemmings, throwing themselves into the sea.

I never stand during the national anthem, I never take my hat off, I never put my hand over my heart. I figure, the best way to honor those who have sacrificed to give me the freedom that I enjoy in America is to use that freedom to sit on my fat ass and drink beer, while everyone else is standing, in a reverant pose. However, I will say, that one of these days, if my country were to ever live up to the smoke that the founding fathers blew up everyone's ass in 1776, I'll get off of my fat ass and stop drinking beer long enough for some cocksuckers (they're in a barber-shop quartet, so I know that they're cocksuckers) like Jherico to sing the star-spangled banner.

Use your freedom to help our country live up to the high-minded rhetoric that Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence. Help me get off my ass and stop drinking beer at the beginning of the Ram's football game. Pray for me, and while you're at it, pray for the Rams, so that their games will be interesting enough for me to stay after the 3rd quarter.


Uploaded 08/17/2008
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