As I've gotten older I've noticed a few things about myself

I no longer will put up with or listen to things I disagree with. Now that doesn't mean I am completely closed minded but there are limits and I like to think My BS detector is well tuned and when activated can save me some time and effort.

My ideas of beauty have changed significantly. I see the maxim top 100 or whatever and I find that I like my women a little more mature and seasoned in her 30's 40's 0r sometimes 50's. The ideal women for me is no longer a waiflike ultra skinny 18 year old or a pumped up breast job having, bubble butted porn star. I like real women who look like real women. (Miles blog is a good case in point) and I know those women in his blog are the exceptions to the 50 year old rule.

I do prejudge people and I do choose which ones I will allow close to me or what;s her name. I don't have the time or the energy to have to listen to or try to convert others, my own spiritual emotional , and physical development are more important to me.

Interestingly enough even though i feel like I'm becoming a stodgy bastard the requirement of my work to donate at least 65 hours of time per 6 mos to charity or good works in the community has actually broadened my horizons and the people I prejudge are not who you would guess. i find enormous reward in getting to assist the under advantaged and contributing and learning different cultures ( am currently teach reading to adults who never learned ) 

Musically I don't hate any genre but I'll be honest you won't find a rap or country station on my radio pre sets (nuff said)

My sense of humor while always (like Denuen ) unusual and prone to the absurd has actually gotten more bizarre I find humor in some of the worst situations and scenarios. I wonder if that is just a protection mechanism? Who cares! It's my sense of humor and I'm gonna stick with it.

SO I guess I'm selfish and self centered but I am happy and comfortable with myself and that's all that matters to me. ( my younger more pro active or re active self would have had a fit with this)

I'm gonna close with the best line ever from a blog (marraige pajamas)that was posted yesterday and I love "fly to the mysterious dog, just like silk pajamas" I know that's just a translation program error but that just tickled my funnybone and I'm gonna adopt it.

Flying to the mysterious dog
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