Stanford Prison Experiment

Moderators:  Google it.  Read it.  Learn from it.

In the last week the number of banned members of eBaums has risen so dramtically that if you go back to some previous features, the pages of comments have been cut in half as a result of all the banned users' comments disappearing.  Prior to the latest rash of new moderators, it was uncommon to see a person banned, and when they were it was clearly out of line and widely known they probably would be banned because their actions were way out of line.

I'm seeing comments deleted for political views, comments deleted for having a link in them (even a link back into EBW), one member was banned for "personal attacks."  This is EBW!  "Personal attacks" is like sex here.  Everyone is doing it to everyone else and if you aren't you better start soon, because you'll get raped otherwise.

Being a moderator by definition means to keep things at a "moderate" decorum.  This is geting out of hand.  Some members are now talking about finding a site other than eBaums where they won't be censored.

As moderators you have a responsibility to maintain a balance between proper conduct and freedom for users to enjoy this website for what it's worth.  The regulars here are what makes this site successful.  By banning dozens of members, the site will lose traffic and will cost eBaums revenue now, and in the future.

Use good judgement.  If you are banning more than ONE regular user a week, you are probably abusing your authority.

Here's a list of users that have been comment banned in the last 2 weeks that I know of:

LTnegro, shpong, GetyoGrillz, DirtyPretty, skandarakbar, Mufdvr, maramz, ricochet91, Gerald69, BostonJack, Angie111, and Gizmo6969.  6 of those were today alone.

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