Starship Trooperism!

    If there are any beautiful people from the 80's-90's era the words, Starship Troopers, should ring one hell of a bell for you! If not, I'll assume you were either an anit-social looser of my generation, or too young to know what it is.

   The purpose of this blog however, is not to show reverence to one of the best productions of all times, in my perfect opinion. It is to instead, recognize a mriaculous feature of the portrayed society in that movie that I would give near anything to see our own country adopt.

    Now to the point of this blog! I'm growing sick as fuck, and tired as fuck of immature, un-educated, young pieces of shit taking the sacrifices that make this country free for granted, and instead of showing honor and respect where it's due, to my fallen brothers and sisters in combat they wallow themselves in self-indulgence and self-centeredness. We can blame generations of similar personalities and lifestyles for the corrupt happenings of our country now, take Enron for example. Modern society is being ran by major corporations and industry executive boards and chair committee's who at a younger age lived the college frat boy life holding each other's dicks up and down the campus side walks while blowing daddy's money every night and weekend, all while talking about how they are the shit and no one's as good as them.  There's not a single man from my platoon, nor a single soldier I've ever talked to about this matter that doesn't share my feelings about the younger generations, and the next american society to come, these little pricks are gonna be the next line of businessmen, managers, CEO's, chairmen, congressmen, our nation's leaders!

    This is my proposition: at the age of 18 you are not considered a citizen, but a civilian, one living in the american society, nothing but a statistic for our economy, you have limited rights, you cannot vote, you cannot make decisions that effect our economy, our political litigations, anything. These people will not be able to attend university's or colleges, or even technical institutes. No ammount of money, or status could keep you out of this situation, there's only one way out of being a civilian, and that's to earn the status of a citizen, as a citizen you have full rights and freedoms as an american, you can vote, go to any university you want, hold any job you can earnm and even earn extra stipends each month just for being a citizen alone, at the civilians expense. What's the trick? How do you earn a citizenship?

    Easy, serve a minimum of four years in any section of the DoD (Department of Defense). This means joining the military for a minimum of four years. The reason for this being that we have disciplined, strong willed, strong minded individuals that have earned their rights as an american, these people have earned the right to be free, I say it shouldn't be paid in another mans blood, but your own. This crooked concept of freedom paid by our soldiers lives will only last so long, it's about time we as americans start looking for a brighter future, a stronger future, as other countrys that are against us and with us are doing the same for themselves, always developing, evolving into a better country. And in the meantime our youth are growing obese, lazy, self-centered, and these types of attitudes and traits don't go away with age people, you have to take it from them, and what easier way than a quick-ship ticket to basic training on sand-flea city!?

    Many nights I've sat bunkered out in Fallujah and have my skin boil to the point it hurt for having to watch young men willing to give it all, so the fat little shits that picked on them for being poor, or weak, or stupid can carry their rich little fantasies off to college.

    I say fuck this America we live in, it's not the land of the free, but the land of the self-indulged. You want to be able to tell someone to fuck off? Earn that right. You want to take someone to trial in court? Earn that right. You want an education? Earn the right to have one. You want to be an American? Fucking earn it fat ass, I'm sick of earning it for you.

Uploaded 06/11/2008
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