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It might sound easy, but it's not. If you're broke and uncreative, better stay in the Ebaumsworld blog section, because having your own awesome site is not for you. Why? Because you have to buy a domain and have your own server, then put your site together yourself or pay someone to do it for you. This stuff is not for the plebeians.

You want a site and what now? First, you need to buy a server and a domain. You won't get anything for free, and the sites that say you'll get your blogging website for free allow you to basically register a blog on their page. If you're a bad ass, you need an actual page. What to do?

1. Register a domain. There's a lot of different providers for that. Be sure to pick a cool and preferably short name. Most of the coolest names are taken, but if you use your creativity, you'll come up with something.

2. Pay for a server. Quality service costs money. Be sure not to get hosting from shit sites like hostgator, for example. What they do is they let you use their server and say it has unlimited storage and bandwidth.* Yup, the asterisk. If you read into it, you'll learn that the asterisks leads to "as long as it's reasonable." By reasonable, the hosting providers mean "as long as you don't use too much traffic and space, which we'll determine." So don't be a cheapskate and don't fall for their shit.

3. Get a template. There's free templates and you can use wordpress, but that's for losers. Pay someone to script for you. For example, my website has html coding interface for entries, so, unlike on Ebaumsworld, I can use any embed code and colors and stuff for my blogs. And it doesn't cut a blog halfway on my website, like it tends to do here, after submitting. Be sure to get something classy and kick ass.

4. Submit content. Once your website running, you can, for example, copypaste your older blogs or write new ones, share funny videos and pics, put some awesome joke there so that your readers know how fun you are. Be sure to upload quality stuff. If you flood your page with a lot of shit because you want it to have more content, you're doing it wrong. Keep the quality high, that brings you readers, even if you'll write a few entries a day instead of 20.

5. Earn money. Since quality writing grants you many readers who look up to you, share your stories (be sure to have the Facebook share button made available in your site's script for every separate entry!), funny videos and pictures... you get a lot of views. For example, my website is getting thousands of views a day. Sometimes it's 4000, but on some days it's around 15 000 views (from different visitors, I'm not counting hits from the same IP). Be sure to write about currently trendy and important events. A lot of views on your website allows you to earn a lot of money from ads you place on your site. I won't get into details here, because there's many different methods to find advertisers or sign up for affiliate programs as publisher. The most popular way to get paid for clicks is google's adsense, which can generate the ads for you. Another method is finding advertisers and placing on your site the specific banners you choose. 

6. Be a role model. Whatever you write about, be sure not to be an ass hole. If you criticise, don't do it in a vulgar or disparaging way. Show class.

7. I ate a French eclair with chocolate coating a moment ago. It was delicious.

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