State's Rights are Bullshit

Hello everyone. I havenât written a blog in a while so I thought Iâd wright one while I had a topic in my mind. So, as the title say, I think stateâs rights are bullshit. My reason for this is very simple: some things shouldnât be voted on. For example: gay marriage or the legal use of marijuana for medical/recreational purposes.  As you know some states have legalized gay marriage and the medicinal use of marijuana. To me these things should be legal everywhere. We have a natural right to live freely up until the point we cause harm to others (John Stuart Millâs harm principle). When we vote on these things state by state we are saying the legality of these things are up for interpretation, which I believe is not the case.

            Laws should be universal. If you canât do something in one state but can in another youâre basically saying the law is relative and there is no God given or natural basis (I prefer the latter, obviously) for the law in question.

            Anyways thatâs my two cents. Do you agree? Disagree? Do I have tunnel vision or am I missing out on some major point I over looked? Help me out if thatâs the case. Thanks for viewing and now Iâll leave you with some relaxing tunes:

I didn't proof read. I don't care if my grammar or spelling sucks (on ebaums, at least)

Uploaded 10/21/2012
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