Stella Award Add-On...

I remember reading on here a few weeks ago about the "Stella Awards" from Ebaums User "AngiePie". You know those awards where people are too stupid and should have recieved a Darwin Award by now but have yet to, and so they sue million dollar companies for their stupidity and win millions because "the system" and all it's geniuses that work in it... Well, I remembered about this one the other day when I was washing my car for some odd reason. So anyways the story goes, there was a man who was cleaning his front porch with a power washer on a hot summer day. Well the idiot for 1.) was bare foot, and 2.) decided to "cool his feet off". The guy had forgotten that he was using a power washer and put it over his bare feet! Of course he decided to try and sue the company. it turned out he settled out of court for them to cover his medical charges and to promise to put a bigger a warning label or something. Of course the company should not have had to pay anything, but we of course continue to vote morons in office and to be judges and what not. Well just thought I'd share this other Stella Award incident.

Uploaded 10/20/2008
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