StereOrgasms, Sex and Music.

In Dolby Surround
Complete Bass
Full Treble
Ohm Equalizer
Put beats on her ears
insatiable instrumentals
sonic sound 
sparking coincidental 
causing a vivid visual


past fornication's
fleshy feast
fearsome feline
laced with lingering 
lingerie strings

Strategically tightened

Recliner seat chilling

Re-thinking of how disposable 
he was a spunk master
vagina grinder
an ass parade victim

Bodacious booty big clapping
his callused hands switching off

--- Love tapping ---

}}}} {She precisely remembers what was happening} {{{{{

Palming her lumps

*Sensuous love potion number 9th Wonder music*

Promoted their naughty actions

Back cracking slaps vibrating split cheeks
( __)V(__) =s hypen-ated

G string slid to the side
leaned into her firm mound
9 inches





Her waste whines to how the beat 
compels her clit to thump

Her vivacious vibrant .V. cums by the pound

(((.swish.squash. swish.)))

Pussy lips french kiss his dick

Slurping.ahhhhhhhhh..nutted air
punnani copies the speakers as it blares

A succulent releasing juicy wet THX S E X E D sound

((((((((((( Stereophonic frequencies ))))))))))
the vibe frequently freaking these double D titties

Recalling him twisting nipples 2 critical points
where her leg joints felt crippled

Testosterone groans estrogen moans versus slippery walls
aching to discharge blue balls banging lust


Popping bra straps
beating pelvis
phallus thumps thick rumps
rocking with the best
a stiff subwoofer like thrust

Classic vinyl type
pussy quefing shhh.curses on this recordno speaking

Perfect spontaneous 45 inch vintage practice
take it nasty sexittude sassy
literally scratching that cat

Straight lap dancing

Fuck a mattress

½ naked exhibitionist
shes beefing
craving meat for dessert

Fuckable flirt

Demanding over the instrumentals

Baby dont go 
not till you give it up 
quick & delicious

Abusing slick wood floors
soul-mate whores

Exploring limber limits
positions challenged
talents of oral foreplay 
[remixed] unfinished

Sofa ---skeetage money shots
white cash scattered on a hellified ass
placed a bet on black

Pushed in her jukebox slot

Got more than what he bargained for
reverberation from her cheeks
clamped pussy twitched

Made the record skip/record skip/record skip.
wreck that trick whoop that dick

But her whining skills
kept the shaft in groove and locked

Pressurized intense orgasm
miles deep doggy style
hair grabbing
pumping hot jizm in 
her honey chasm

Throbbing gripping screaming
crazy creaming cramped muscles
shot sizzling sperm
the rubber grabs them

Sex pot harlot highness
sexing the flyest ever

Left a long manhood soft drained expended
greedy goddess
worked it back up to its highest height
extreme oral sucking fetish

deep throating talents endless

Porn-Star 69 bring the beat back


Recovering the dicks limits
provoking pussy appetizer
eating licking tongue sticking

Reminiscing vixen
tripping on fantastic flashbacks

Her toes teasingly tap

to the blaring head-phones sensuous rhythm
as she increases her systems volume

She loves how music gets her in the mood

.In the mood/skipin the mood/ the..

((((( Mo0o0o0o0o0oD )))))

She presses repeat 
and random
so only her 

By Samantha Campbell

From a Friend on another site.
Uploaded 09/20/2011
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