Stifling Free Speech and the Men Who Fought For It.

It's like the 1800's again, a woman wants to voice her opinion and when a man disagrees with it, some gay jerk tries to stop it because he disagrees or doesn't have the mental capacity to comprehend a virtuous woman such as I.  It breaks my heart, when I think of all the real men who lost their lives fighting for free thought, open debate and the right to express oneself, to be subjugated here to blogs that attempt to silence me and prohibit me from original thought.  On top of that, disallowing the tasteful portrayal of vivacious women in the thumbnails? Then you question my observation that this place is queer central?

What am I left to think? This place is like an  Americanized  Afghanistan with all the virtues removed. Even the ladies are trembling for fear of a male criticizing  them as they refer to them as slut, whore, cum sucker or what ever low brow excrement  you depraved males arrive at. Can anyone, for one God Damned  minute imagine the broken heart a WWII hero would feel if he thought some prick tried to stifle the inner thoughts of a woman who tried in vain to express herself, because it offended some crew of brain dead morons? 

I'm not one to discharge personal or confidential discourse, but when a person makes disparaging remarks and tries to convince others to avoid me, while at the same time trying to befriend me and using depraved language to seduce me, I must protest. 

Just a warning to "That Guy" if you attack me personally again I will rip you apart with your own words, so back off you queer!

I was going to post the evidence, but I can't. It's not classy and unbecoming of me. 
Just learned how to do  that embed. Anyone here  a Bloodhound Gang fan? I am!

Uploaded 08/08/2012
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