Still proud to be American

Recently here on ebaum's world, someone posted a video of a man being struck down by a vehicle as he crossed the street. No one called for help, indeed this was shocking for most of us. However, equally shocking, I feel, was the incredibly bigoted statements made by some of the non-American ebaums users. Making broad generalizations of the American people, how we are all inconsiderate, how these people behaved as "typical" Americans. We, as a whole nation were just "you peopled" by these comments. Some even went so far as to say that they hate Americans, blatant in their prejudice.

I disapprove of an and all racism, and bigotry (save for those who are bigoted against hate groups, it's kind of a catch 22) this completely uncivilized behavior is unacceptable in any capacity. I made the statement in one of my replies that if this is indeed how you fell, you may as well begin wearing white sheets and burning crosses in people's lawns, as you are no better than the KKK.

I stand by my country, and everyone who doesn't appreciate what America has done for the world had better take a closer look at the lives they lead and realize that most everything they have wouldn't be there today had it not been for America. We harnessed electricity, we created most of the things that keep the modern world moving, from the telephone to the internet, from the radio to the television, from the combustion engine to the space shuttle. Just on a small scale, how many jars of peanut butter do you have in your home? America has earned it's respect, whether by fighting for it, or thinking for it.

I hope that those of you outsiders feel the shame of your bigotry, in my eyes you've proven yourselves to be hate filled bastards, hypocrites, and the very lowest form of filth. Before you judge my people, my flag, my nation, and myself, you should think about what your lives would be without the great nation of America.

Uploaded 06/08/2008
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