Stolen Camera TITTES!

Alright so i admit, this is a repost, but i saw this chic again yesterday so i have to take this opportunity to publicly humiliate her-whether she knows it or not. And some of you werent lucky enuff to glimpse this heffer's tit last time i posted. here ya go.



So..last weekend was party fucking central over at my friend taras house. Loong fucking story short, i have a few shots, get wasted and pass out. The next morning, im goin through my camera to recount the nights events...theres pics of me,buddies,guys we just met. then it starts gettin to random people ive never even seen before. lol and THEN theres a pic of ME passed the fuck out with like...17 cups stacked strategically all over my body..then ive got a piece of ham on my face...then theres like 10ppl standing around me all giving a thumbs up or what have you. they were even kind enough to make a few videos of the whole thing. and thats all fun and whatever and who cares...but to the bitch who is toppless...sticking her boob on my head. I HAVE VIDEO FUCKING EVIDENCE!! are an idiot if you think that shit is not going up on the internet for the entire world to see! 

So internet, behold- random drunk bitch's titty!

Uploaded 06/14/2009
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