Stolen Identities

Dammit...the icon I stole from somebody else just got stolen from me. I hate it when I'm the first to steal something then everyone else starts doing it!

However, in the interest of identity theft, recent "introduce yourself" blogs (like the one sparks158 made) and groups like Post A Picture Of Yourself, I am offering the one thing that's completely original...the real me.

I would like to think that when I tell someone that I am being truthful they believe me, and that people can also figure out when I'm pulling their leg. But can they? Below is a list of “facts” about me. See if you can tell which ones are true and which ones I just made up.

1) The worst game I ever bowled was a 13.
2) Monopoly is my favorite game because I love to win at it.
3) I won the National Managed Health Care Congress Partnership Award.
4) I participated in, but dropped out, of the Marble Championships in Wildwood.
5) I have three college degrees, all in different fields of study.
6) The total number of semesters I spent in college was seven.
7) My height is six feet four inches.
8) I dislike cooking, and will use any excuse to get out of it.
9) Weapons I use well include spears, halberds, and bolt-action rifles.
10) My favorite movie is “Napoleon Dynamite”.
11) I have had more than one interracial relationship.
12) Oysters are my favorite seafood.
13) My birthday is one of the most celebrated days in the world.
14) One time I drove from Oregon to New Jersey in five days.
15) I once had a purely sexual relationship with an opera singer.
16) My tongue is only two inches long.
17) I have been featured in an erotic art gallery.
18) I am allergic to shellfish, soybeans, and fabric softener.
19) My favorite artists include Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Ryden, and Yoshitomo Nara.
20) A priest once exorcised my house as it is haunted.

Good luck. Anyone who gets all of the answers correct can be officially elevated to “Stalker” status.

The person who guesses the most accurately will recieve a prize...they can ask me ANY QUESTION ABOUT ME (excluding numerical data like bank account numbers and addresses, or data that reveals things about other people in my life that want to remain anonymous) and I will be obligated to tell them the truth.

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