Stop pumping out units, please

I tried to not have to write this, but I think it's time. Don't take this too harshly, because even though I'm going to sound sarcastic I really want you to listen to me.

It seems obvious to me that Americans really don't understand the population problem going on here, and they don't understand how populations get where they are. the most stunning example of ignorance I hear is when trying to have a discussion about world hunger, someone seriously sugests that we just produce more food. they son't seem to understand what would happen then, so here's how it works. In any population of any animal, humans included, when the food increases the population increases. More food means that a greater crop of people who were suposed to starve didn't, and instead they lived to breed. This is what happens with animals. with people, because of how we concentrate our food unevenly, a prosperous bunch of people become more properous and well fed, and they have more children, or otherwise a small third world country increases it's population slightly. No matter where you drop the food, the human population will increase somewhere. Most of the food prouction we have now goes to feed those who are already well fed. The only way to efectively feed the right amount of people is to redistrubute it. the thing is that we have the amount of food to feed the amount of humans we have, if we didn't then popuation figures would decrease until we had the right amount of humans to eat the food we're producing.

People don't think far enough ahead when they have children, they don't realize every single child they have has one of two fates. Either it will prosper and survive and have many children also, and these children can't all eat there isn't enough food, somewhere down the line they'll starve or thier offspring will starve. Either that or the children you have the first time will starve, because you can't feed them. Either way, having more then one child you are insuring the suffering of your offspring eventually. You are probably insuring a greater population, that your mistake could conceivably contribute hundreds to, on a long enough time scale, this increased population will probably cause ignorant people to demand more food production, and the problem continues.

The only hope for humanity is the fact that it can't go on forver, when you build it up it's set for a fall. the rate of population growth cannot be sustained, and what is inevitable is a massive wave of starvation like the world has never seen. Great desperation in the midst of this starvation is inevitable also. World wide suffering on a scale nevr seen before.

Of course it could be avoided, if people would realize what they are doing. they won't of course. it's all inevitable. Just sit back and wait for the looting to start, that's ally ou can do.

Uploaded 07/02/2008
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